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Joining AWS Community Builders

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Today the day began with excellent news, I was admitted in the AWS Community Builders program, the community of people related with AWS. Even more, I was included in the Networking and Content Delivery category, which is the one closest to my work.

I must admit that, when I applied in January, I really thought I wouldn’t be chosen, because I had only few posts about AWS, it was the first time I tried and, more important, the fact that I’ve been organising the User Group in Seville for the last three months won’t be enough. But it seems it was enough :)…

Diego Martínez Castañeda, AWS Community Builder - Networking and Content Delivery

Few moments after I got my email, Rafa told me that he had accepted too, which means that all the organisers in the AWS User Group of Sevilla are, also, Community Builders. And in different categories: Anastasia in Security and IAM, Rafa in Dev Tools.

AWS UG Sevilla

I’ve been involved with AWS since 2018 and joining programs like this makes very easy to know more about the whole platform, to grow professionally. I’m thrilled to join this community for all the opportunities it brings, which I plan to take advantage of very well.


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